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About Survivor Filter

What is your mission and vision as a company?

Survivor Filter was created following our founder’s former career consulting on military operations alongside the US in troubled hot zones. Through these experiences, he witnessed firsthand the emergency of a global water crisis and the need to provi

Why do people choose Survivor Filter?

We believe that improving the way people access clean water around the world has always been our top priority and we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers. Filter Anywhere. Quality Filtration. Long Lasting. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

What is in store for the future of Survivor Filter?

We have a simple goal: to produce products as close to home as possible. We've made it a priority to create new products in North America by moving production closer and manufacturing all new product lines right here in the US. We're proud that as of

Are Survivor Filter products Made in USA?

The following are the products that we make in the USA:. We are working on developing more American products as we have committed to making all new product lines in the USA. All our other product lines are made overseas in different countries in the